Proguard stack trace retrace

Dec 27, 2019 · Before Proguard with: Throwable().getStackTrace()[0].getLineNumber(); I got: 482 After Proguard I got: 41 Which is obviously wrong. Here is the tested rules to solve this problem : -keep class java.lang.StackElement -keepattributes StackTraceElement -keepattributes SourceFile,LineNumberTable -keepattributes Signature -keepattributes InnerClasses,EnclosingMethod -keepattributes getStackTrace ...

Restoring an obfuscated stack trace The ProGuard obfuscation process results in an obfuscated stack trace. To recover the original stack trace, you can run a retrace script. Code size reduction from obfuscation Using ProGuard can reduce the size of your code.

My original stack trace had one particularly nasty stack frame with negative line number: at sun.reflect.NativeConstructorAccessorImpl.newInstance0( "" file name is 34 characters long and would have taken ~20 minutes to process (extrapolating from the exponential growth above). The above code will apply your ProGuard configurations contained in ("proguard-project.txt" in Eclipse) to your released apk. To enable you to later determine the line on which an exception occurred in a stack trace, "" should contain following lines: Deobfuscating/Symbolicating Stack Traces During the build process, ProGuard generates a file with the mapping between the original and obfuscated class, method, and field names. You can upload this file to HockeyApp to get crash logs symbolicated automatically. The setup is quite simple: Jun 18, 2018 · Include incremental obfuscation and stack trace de-obfuscation. However, there are important differences within these common feature categories. Platform support: DexGuard is Android-only, while ProGuard and DashO both work on many types of Java applications (including Android). Developers cannot select DexGuard for non-Android applications.

Android Protip: Remove Debug Logs From Release Builds With Proguard Oct 17 th , 2012 | Comments I use the android.util.Log extensively – often it’s faster than starting the debugger and (unlike debugging) it’s always on, which is invaluable when you’re trying to track the root cause of some hard to reproduce bugs. Unfortunately (any) app has stopped. What should I report? ... Read the "Decode an obfuscated stack trace" section of the Proguard guide: ... Proguard retrace missing ... * * @author Eric Lafortune */ public class ProGuard { public static final String VERSION = "ProGuard, version 3.0"; private Configuration configuration; private ClassPool programClassPool = new ClassPool(); private ClassPool libraryClassPool = new ClassPool(); /** * Creates a new ProGuard object to process jars as specified by the given ... 我在我的Android应用程序中使用ACRA 4.4.0来接收来自用户的崩溃报告。 我的IDE是ADT Build:v22.2.1-833290。 几天前,我已经开始使用ProGuard来处理要在Google Play上发布的应用程序。